Vote Yes to Improving Our Quality of Life

Fewer Traffic Issues & Gridlocks

Measure A aims to improve quality of life by reducing traffic, improving our infrastructure, and fixing our dangerous roads. Measure A will invest in:

  • Improved traffic signals
  • Extending light rail
  • Improving freeway interchanges and overcrossing

Repair Roads & Streets

Our Sacramento County roads are plagued with potholes, uneven terrain, and unsafe crosswalks. To improve the quality of life for everyone Measure A will invest in the following:

  • Fix potholes 
  • Repave streets
  • Make roads safer for pedestrians and bikes

Improved Safety for children, pedestrians, & bicyclists

Improved safety for our children, pedestrians, and bicyclists is a top priority for Measure A.

  • Improved lighting, better sidewalks, safer bike lanes, and well-designed crosswalks near schools
  • Improving the safety and usability of our beautiful American River Parkway
  • Improved security and safety measures for bus and light rail

Measure A Has
Taxpayer Protections
& Accountability

  • Audits by an independent oversight committee 
  • Administrative costs are limited to less than 1%
  • Legal protections to prevent diversion by state or federal government
  • Funds can only be used for transportation projects

Improve Air Quality and Address Climate Change

Measure A will improve air quality & help address climate change.

  • Help create more zero-emission transit options
  • Help make public transportation more accessible and functional 
  • Reduce traffic jams to reduce emissions

Help the transportation system and stimulate the economy

By making our transportation system more functional and accessible we help everyone. Measure A focuses on improving our critical roads, bridges, sidewalks, crosswalks, and public transportation to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community. 

  • Measure A funding will make it possible to receive hundreds of millions in federal or state funding for our region
  • New jobs for community residents in construction and other fields
  • An improved quality of life for everyone